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World Bamboo Congress 2018

Avery Chua was a keynote speaker on August 16th, 2018 at the World Bamboo Congress held in Veracruz, Mexico. His WBC presentation covered the traditional use and manufacturing of bamboo, the industrialization of bamboo, including 1st -3rd generations of industrialized bamboo products, the evolution of interior usage to exterior usage and the evolution of manufacturing techniques and the benefits.

Avery Chua’s presentation was a success and its message on how bamboo is changing the architectural landscape was eye opening to a lot of members.  He was asked to speak at the next World Bamboo Congress which is being held in India.


Woolf Distributing now dassoXTR authorized distributor for the Upper Midwest

dasso Group is happy to announce that Woolf Distributing is the dassoXTR authorized distributor for the Upper Midwest with three warehouse locations in Woodstock, IL, Peoria, IL and Green Bay, WI.

Also, Rob Langenfeld is the dassoXTR manufacturer’s sales representative for the Upper Midwest region.

Woolf Distributing

1625 W. Lake Shore Dr,
Woodstock, IL 60098Phone (800) 562-3499
Local Phone (815) 477-9680

Rob Langenfeld

Phone (630) 333-8146


We are excited to have Woolf Distributing and Rob Langenfeld on our team. Be sure to reach out to them for all your dassoXTR decking and siding needs.

MCM Marketing Now dassoXTR Sales Reps For The Northwest

MCM Marketing now dassoXTR sales reps for the Northwest

dassoXTR is pleased to announce MCM Marketing, Inc as our sales representatives for the entire Northwest area, including: Washington, Oregon, Alaska, Hawaii, Western Idaho and Western Montana. They have the experience and knowledge to help dassoXTR continue its phenomenal  growth and we are proud to have them on our team. Please join us in welcoming Van, Brian and Ryan on board.

Van Davis

Washington, Oregon, Hawaii, and Montana
phone: (360) 606-7238

Brian Crager

North & East Washington, Idaho and Alaska
phone: (253) 653-7042

Ryan Petersen

phone: (808) 722-0986

New 7″ RainClad® Siding System Boasts High-End Look and Reduced Installation Costs

dasso.XTR announces the launch of its new 7″ RainClad® Siding System. Similar to the 6″ RainClad Siding System, the 7″ bamboo siding carries the same profile with exception that it is wider.

High-End, Expensive Look

  • The wider profile provides a high-end expensive look to the house.
  • Each of the dasso.XTR planks are end-matched with tongue and groove joints to give the siding a continuous uniform look, and every plank fits tightly into the next plank.

Reduced Installation Costs

  • 7″ bamboo siding also requires less fasteners per square feet, which reduces fastener cost.
  • Cutting of siding planks is not necessary until you get to the end of the wall which helps reduce waste and speeds up installation time.

Coupled with the 7″ siding, dasso is also offering a new installation system for the wall siding with a track and fastener system. The track enables installers to level the planks once every 6 feet.

XTR-SID18-178TG-PP NEW! 1x7 RainClad Pre-primed Fused Bamboo Siding with tongue and groove end matchXTR-SID18-178TG-PP
NEW! 1×7 RainClad Pre-primed Fused Bamboo Siding with tongue and groove end match.

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XTR-SID18-137TG-PP 1x6 RainClad Pre-primed Fused Bamboo Siding with tongue and groove end matchXTR-SID18-137TG-PP
1×6 RainClad Pre-primed Fused Bamboo Siding with tongue and groove end match.

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Beware of copycats falsely claiming to carry dasso bamboo products

There are no private label dasso products sold in North America.

It has come to our attention that several foreign companies are coming to North America claiming they are selling dasso products under private label brands. To be clear, there are no private label dasso products sold in North America. dasso products are only sold in the U.S. and Canadian markets through dassoUSA and every carton has the dasso logo on it.

Please beware of private label bamboo products coming from Europe through importers or distributors claiming to carry the dasso brand.

While the products may look similar, they do not meet the rigid quality control standards that dasso is known for – ISO9001, ISO14001 and Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification. These companies are neither manufacturers, nor do they inventory product in North America.

If it’s not packaged with the dasso.XTR logo, it is not dasso.XTR.

dasso Fused Bamboo® Manufacturing Method

United States Patent No.: US 8,709,578 B2
Patent Date: April 29, 2014

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Exterior Fused Bamboo® Decking

Exterior Fused Bamboo® Decking

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Exterior Fused Bamboo® Decking

Exterior Fused Bamboo® Siding

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Exterior Fused Bamboo® Furniture

Exterior Fused Bamboo® Furniture

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dasso Continues Expansion Project with 185,000 Sqft Factory

June 26, 2017 — dasso announces yet another expansion project to build a new dasso.XTR factory in Zixi County, Jiangxi Province. The signing ceremony was held on May 26, 2017 attended by the county government welcoming dasso into their county. The factory will be built on a 20 acres site with production areas covering 185,000 Sqft. This expansion will increase dasso.XTR capacity by 10 million Sq.ft annually. The factory will be in full production by March 2018.

What is dasso.XTR?

dassoXTR fused bamboo is a patented technology products that is design for exterior used. The eco-composite product is design to react naturally like wood fiber. Normal tropical wood will require more than 50 years to grow into harvested size as opposed to bamboo which only required 5 years to grow to maturity ready for harvest.

dasso.XTR is an extremely durable bamboo product designed specifically for outdoor applications. It is made through dasso’s own patented fused bamboo process in which natural bamboo is harvested from the bamboo forests at its peak growth, shredded into bamboo fiber, and then fused into dense, durable panels that are milled for bamboo decking, lumber, panels, porch flooring and RainClad siding.


Our Proprietary Fusion Process

With our proprietary fusion process, two stages of high heat combine to first carbonize the bamboo, removing all of the starch and sugar, and then restructure the bamboo, reinforcing its natural strength characteristics. The modified bamboo strands are then fused together using phenolic resin – the same resins used to make bowling balls. The end result is an extremely dense, durable exterior-use product composed of 87% natural, fused strand bamboo fibers and 13% resin. And because bamboo does not include rays or knots like natural woods, dasso.XTR has a much more flawless appearance than other materials made from woods. This consistent grain structure also allows dasso.XTR to distribute weight very evenly, adding to its incredible durability.

dasso.XTR’s patented fusion process creates a dense, beautiful, long lasting, and rapidly renewable natural alternative to chemically treated softwoods and environmentally suspect sources of tropical hardwoods. dasso.XTR bamboo rivals the natural beauty of exotic hardwoods but is color range predictable and source, quality, and price predictable.

If it’s not packaged with the dasso.XTR logo, it is not dasso.XTR.

dasso Breaks Ground on State-of-the-Art Bamboo Manufacturing Facility

June 23, 2017 – ATLANTA – dasso USA, Atlanta, GA., announces the groundbreaking of dasso’s new state of the art factory at a ceremony in JiangOu City, Fujian Province, China. Slated to be completed before July 2018, the facility will cover one million sq. ft. across 36 acres.

“The opening of this new factory gives us the ability to expand our operations in the area of exterior use composite bamboo and to fulfill the ever growing demand in North America for dasso.XTR fused bamboo products,” said dasso CEO.

The new plant has a capacity of 20 M sq. ft. of the new .XTR eco-composite bamboo for exterior use, creating more than 400 new factory jobs to fill its growing operational needs. Additional factory production will be used to support increasing demand in North America for dasso.XTR fused bamboo products.

dasso USA, is the exclusive sales and marketing arm for dasso in the U.S. and Canada and has a warehouse facility in Atlanta, GA.

Another plant is in the works for the production of dasso decking, siding, planks and other high-quality bamboo products.

About the dasso Group

Founded in 1993, the dasso Group is the world leader in the development and production of innovative bamboo products. Headquartered in Hangzhou, China, today the dasso Group has 10 manufacturing facilities and over 1,000 employees, in addition to owning more than 2,700 acres of productive, sustainable bamboo forest in China.

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